For many Americans who are hunkered down at home, seeing reports of people in foreign countries enjoying life after lockdown inspires envy. Although many people have put their travel plans on hold, there are plenty of Americans who are considering retiring overseas in the future. For some, retirement abroad is looking like a more attractive option every day. Whether you have always wanted to spend your golden years on the Italian coast or have just recently entertained the idea of retiring in Japan, there are a few special considerations for those who want to retire abroad. If you are interested in retiring overseas, be sure to include these topics into your retirement planning conversation.

Getting the Most Bang for Your Buck With Thorough Retirement Planning

One of the first and most essential steps in retirement planning for American expats is choosing a country in which to retire. Soon-to-be retirees should do extensive research on currency conversion rates, cost of living estimates, and other relevant financial information. While some people already have their heart set on a specific country, many retirees opt for locations that allow them to live large on a small budget. Consider how much money you will have to live on each month, and be sure that you can live within your means in the location you have chosen.

Staying Compliant With U.S. Taxes and Foreign Immigration Policies

Many people are dissuaded from retiring abroad because of the perceived challenge, complexity, and paperwork involved. While it is true that retirement planning for those moving overseas has unique challenges, it is certainly doable. Americans abroad must comply with foreign immigration and travel policies, and they must also file U.S. income taxes in many situations. If you choose to retire to a foreign country full-time, you will likely have to file for residency and undergo an application process. Every nation has different laws, so be sure to do plenty of research beforehand.  

Retirement Planning Essentials: Securing a Home and Health Insurance

As we get older, most of us experience medical conditions and health complications. Overseas retirees must make arrangements for healthcare in their new country of residence, and the options available may not be cheap. Many health insurance plans will not apply abroad, and some national healthcare systems will not provide services at the same price for American expats. Healthcare is a critical part of retirement planning. Retirees must also determine where they will live. Whether you choose to rent a property or buy one, make sure you can get a roof over your head.

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