Aside from housing and transportation, many people find that food is one of their largest spending areas each month. Between groceries, work lunches, and dining out, food costs can be a silent budget killer. Because we all need to eat, eliminating this line item is not possible. However, there are a few ways that individuals and families can save money by cutting their food budget. Consider following these tips to save money on food — without going hungry or eating instant ramen for every meal.

Avoid Dining Out to Save Money

One of the easiest ways for most people to cut food expenses is to stop ordering delivery or eating at restaurants and take-out joints. While there is nothing wrong with going to restaurants in moderation, dining out is often significantly more expensive than eating at home, and costs can add up fast.

Save Money on Groceries by Planning Ahead

Few things are more satisfying than watching your grocery bill shrink after a cashier applies all of your coupons and discounts. By doing a bit of research and planning, shoppers can slash their grocery bills significantly. Weekly specials, customer loyalty programs, and store and manufacturer coupons are excellent ways to shrink your total cost, and some stores offer doubled or tripled coupons under certain circumstances. 

Consider Off-Brand Items and Closeouts

While it may seem like a small difference in price between store-brand and name-brand items, these cost differences can add up over time. Consider swapping out some of your groceries for their off-brand counterparts. You may be surprised by the similarities! Another way for shoppers to save is by looking for closeout items. These products are often name-brand foods that, for one reason or another, are priced to sell. Sometimes it is because a particular flavor or variety of the product isn’t selling as well as others, or the store is trying to get rid of packages that have branding for a specific holiday or event. 

Incorporate Alternate Sources of Protein

Finally, some frugal and environmentally-conscious shoppers choose alternate sources of protein for their meals. While going vegan or vegetarian is undoubtedly an option, reducing meat consumption without totally eliminating it from your diet is a great way to save a buck. Consider planning “meatless Mondays” or swapping out more expensive meats for cheaper cuts. With a bit of research, planning, and experimentation, there are plenty of ways for folks to save money while eating well.

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